In April of 2021, an exciting new virtual event transpired from some of the most passionate players in the social and environmental impact space rallying to make business a force for good.

Over three days, the event covered personal development (shifting within), business development (shifting the way we do business), and overall systems change (shifting the industry). 

Shift 2021 featured dynamic speakers, action-oriented workshops, and invaluable networking opportunities for business leaders, social entrepreneurs, and anyone working to support and grow the impact ecosystem.

Keynote, Main Stage, and Networking + Entertainment Hosts

Noor Tagouri

Aniyia Williams

Micah Kessel

Allie Burns

Clarence Bethea

Lynn Johnson

Fay Horwitt

Jay Coen Gilbert

Dr. Ellonda L. Williams

Raj Aggarwal

Shaibya Dalal

Workshop Hosts and Facilitators

Meghan French Dunbar

Veena Harbaugh

Kristine Sloan

Mara Zepeda

Womxn Led
Zebras Unite

Lauren Ruffin

Jessica Mason

Sebastian Velmont

Sarah Olsen

Crux / Fractured Atlas

Nicola Brown

Hailey Thomas

Jeff Hittner

Andy Fyfe

Tom Dawkins

Alexandra Groome Klement

Kevin Jones

Raj Aggarwal

Catherine Griffin

Rosa Lee Harden

Mark Sampson

Mark Elsdon

Shannon Hopkins

Other Speakers, Panelists, and Moderators

Amit Bouri

Cheryl Dorsey

Fran Seegull

Jed Emerson

Aubrey Blanche

Teju Ravilochan

Lorenzo Lewis

Danny Wright

Rodney Foxworth

Valerie Redhorse-Mohl

Alfa Demmellash

Edward Dugger III

Brennan DuBose

Rachel Crawford

Alex Pan

Sabari Raja

Yancey Strickler

Cecilia Wessinger

Bree Jones

Jonathan Rose

Andre Perry

Lyneir Richardson

Stephanie Swepson-Twitty

Aaron Kuecker

Kate Byrne

Lindsay Smalling

Leticia Emme

Aunnie Patton Power

Astrid Scholz

Dama Sathianathan

Vanessa Roanhorse

Katya Smyth

Vanessa Mason

Heather Matranga

Kristy O'Leary

Ally Hellenga

Stacia Betley

Michelle Corson

Michael Cosack

Alexandria Oh

Wole Coaxum

Claudia Diaz Forde

Pava LaPere

Carla Leon

Sachi Shenoy

Carolina Duell

Gordon Eichhorst

Eric Isreal

Hannah Drain

Gretchen Grani

Alejandra Revueltas

Allison Nixon

Laura Budzyna

Jean Shia

Timothy Roman

John Sherman

Catalina Caro

Sheeza Shah

Matt Prewitt

Camille Cannon

Mahlet Getachew

Randal Wyatt

Abram Tannenbaum

Sayuri Sharper

Kendra Berenson

Lucy Ashman

Ryan Zinn

Charlotte Sewell

Erica Plybeah

Thomas Cumberbatch

Laurie Lane-Zucker

Kim Coupounas

Justin Belleme

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