Shift 2021
A Reading List for Conscious Business Leaders
(Curated by Conscious Business Leaders)
If there is one book you would recommend that conscious business leaders read, what would it be?
We asked the social impact pioneers and leaders who will be speaking or teaching at Shift 2021 this question. Here is the list of books they recommended along with commentary on why they selected these sources.   
Recommended by Kevin Jones and Laurie Lane-Zucker
Jed Emerson “asks deep questions about who we are and what we want to do with our money and what impact we want to have.” - Kevin Jones

This book “eloquently and insightfully blends the philosophical, spiritual and practical sides of impact." - Laurie Lane-Zucker
Recommended by Vanessa Roanhorse

by Carol Anne Hilton

Recommended by Vanessa Roanhorse
Recommended by Sara Olsen

The Body Keeps the Score
by Bessel Van Der Kolk

Recommended by Nicola Brown
“We all experience trauma understanding what our body has kept score of is the root of our being.” Nicola Brown

Emergent Strategy
by adrienne maree brown

Recommended by Kristine Sloan

The works of Naomi Klein

Recommended by Kristy O'Leary

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Recommended by Kristy O'Leary 

What it Takes by Steve Schwarzman

Recommended by Lyneir Richardson
“It is a blueprint for how to build a sustainable business." - Lyneir Richardson
Recommended by Bree Jones
Recommended by Bree Jones
“Both books are really great primers on Black-led socio-economic movements." -Bree Jones

The Book of Mark, The Bible

Recommended by Stephanie Swepson Twitty
 "I will send my messenger ahead of you who will prepare your way” Mark 1:2 (NIV)”

“I would highly recommend this book for leaders because it is an excellent example of how leadership is both an opportunity to lead and an opportunity to follow." - Stephanie Swepson Twitty

Race After Technology
by Ruha Benjamin

Recommended by Dama Sathianathan
This book “really opens up a discussion about the notion of intentionality and generally about a more conscious approach to creating inclusive products and services.” - Dama Sathianathan

by Isabel Wilkerson

Recommended by Kate Byrne

White Feminism by Koa Beck

Recommended by Kate Byrne
“Both books speak to diversity and inclusion from different audiences that actually share many of the same issues.” - Kate Byrne

Who Do We Choose To Be? by Margaret Wheatley

Recommended by Cecilia Wessinger
“In this time of turbulence and polarization, the book I turn to is Margaret J Wheatley’s Who Do We Choose To Be? In an unexpected way, it offers solace to know the world has been down this path before in some fashion. It’s not a ‘how to’ book with a laundry list of items that exhibit the ideals of leadership. Wheatley offers examples of how leaders achieved greater impact by using whatever power and influence we have to achieve greater impact. The book is not about the position of leading from the front, back or alongside, but the possibilities from within to create islands of sanity and a call to action. The book is an invitation to seek the humanity and possibilities in all of us regardless of our titles and pedigree, it inspires and holds me accountable; and after all, isn’t that what leadership is about?” - Cecilia Wessinger

This Could Be Our Future
by Yancey Strickler

Recommended by Cecilia Wessinger
“It was apropos to be introduced to this book by Yancey Strickler, the co-founder and former CEO of Kickstarter, at a Communities of the Future convening. As an entrepreneurial ecosystem builder, I seek holistic and mindful approaches for inclusive collaboration. This book embodies that, and shares an elegant and simple framework for incorporating it as a practice. Informing the reader how we got to our current state and how we can design for a future of abundance. It is an informative book that offers a window to widen perspectives, explore, reflect, and invite you to move towards a future of your own design.” - Cecilia Wessinger
Recommended by Tom Dawkins
“It lifts the lid and illuminates one of the great social challenges of our time.” -Tom Dawkins
“Garvey was a visionary who was able to build a number of large businesses that today would be recognized as cooperative enterprises and/or mission-aligned endeavors." -Lauren Ruffin
Recommended by Sebastian Velmont
“It makes common sense common.” -Sebastian Velmont

Doing Good Better
by William MacAskill

Recommended by Ally Hellenga
Recommended by Stacia Betley

Every Shot Must Have a Purpose
by Pia Nilsson, Lynn Marriott, Ron Sirak

Recommended by Alexandria Oh

Love and Rage
by Lama Rod Owens

Recommended by Alexandria Oh

Minor Feelings
by Cathy Park Hong

Recommended by Alexandria Oh
Recommended by Alexandria Oh

The Prosperity Paradox
by Clayton M. Christensen, Efosa Ojomo, Karen Dillon

Recommended by Michelle Corson

Good Profit
by Charles G. Koch

Recommended by Michelle Corson
“Both books are very instructive on value creation with intention.” -Michelle Corson
Recommended by Wole Coaxum
“He makes a good case for a jack-of-all-trades mindset as a way to cultivate agility, creativity, and the ability to impact a variety of areas. This has been especially helpful to me as we expand our reach into engagement with municipalities to enhance their outreach to hard-to-reach residents.” -Wole Coaxum
Recommended by Pava LaPere
“It highlights the significant consequences of the most talented college graduates being funneled into consulting and banking, instead of working on solutions to address the growing challenges that our world faces.” -Pava LaPere

The Price of Inequality
by Joseph Stiglitz

Recommended by Pava LaPere
“It is impossible to understand how to build a prosperous future without understanding the systemic flaws in our current economic system. This book helps business leaders understand that we pursue traditional economic growth metrics at our own peril." --Pava LaPere
Recommended by Hilary Sedovic
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