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Shift 2022 Past Keynotes and Panels
Day 1:
Opening Keynote

11:30 - 12:00 - Welcome + Q & A
12:00 - 12:30 - Opening Keynote: Lynn Johnson from Hella Social Impact and Jorge Méndez from Seed Spot

Day 1:
Featured Panel: Filling the Leadership Gap in the Impact Economy presented by Impact Entrepreneur

Transforming the economy from shareholder- to stakeholder-centric and from single to triple bottom line requires visionary, executive leadership from intrepid founders, CEOs, investors, and others. It also requires leadership at the management level within the full range of organizations, from startups to large corporations. Despite the exponential growth in recent years of impact and ESG, change management in such organizations is severely lacking. Strikingly, there is currently no profession for people to become licensed in impact management, creating a significant gap in the infrastructure necessary for a well-established impact economy.

How can organizations recruit and train impact managers in businesses large and small? What skills are most needed to be an effective impact manager? What kinds of standards are needed to establish an impact management profession?

In this virtual fireside chat, Impact Entrepreneur’s Laurie Lane-Zucker discusses with CASE’s Cathy Clark and Crewcial Partners' Tuokpe Ajuyah how to effectively fill the leadership gap in impact enterprises and large corporations.

  • Laurie Lane-Zucker, Founder & CEO of Impact Entrepreneur
  • Catherine Clark of Duke University
  • Tuokpe Ajuyah, Head of ESG & Impact Investments of Crewcial Partners LLC
Day 1:
Why Calm Companies are Better for Workers
Recording Coming Soon...

Calm Companies believe in operating profitably, sustainably (in all senses of the word) and for the long term — they don't believe in growth at all costs. How does this impact the people who build these companies? We'll chat to a couple of them on the best practices they've implemented to stay true to the ethos.

Day 1:
The Inside Scoop: The Challenges and Triumphs of Cooperative Leadership

There’s a growing movement of entrepreneurs and investors turning to shared ownership and cooperatives in an effort to build more equitable businesses and a more sustainable economy. What are cooperatives? What’s it like to build and run one? In this session, three entrepreneurs deep in the trenches of building cooperative businesses will share their triumphs, challenges, and lessons learned and lay the groundwork for an engaging conversation about the trials and tribulations of building purpose-led, next-generation businesses.

  •  Shantae J. Edwards (Moderator) Entrepreneur Community Lead at
  • Marci Harper-LawyerTurning Basin Labs Cooperative
  • Gordon Casey, Founder at Brave Technology Coop, Founder
  • Nirva BoursiquotHey Kinfolk 
Day 2:
Opening Keynote

11:30 - 12:00 - Welcome + Q & A
12:00 - 12:30 - Opening Keynote: Jessica Norwood from Runway & Randal Wyatt from Taking Ownership PDX

Day 2:
Shifting Capital to Shift Power: A Panel Discussion with the Members of the Inclusive Capital Collective presented by Zebras Unite

Join the Inclusive Capital Collective in partnership with Shift on Thursday, May 19, 2022 for a powerful discussion on "Shifting Capital to Shift Power.” In this panel, our speakers will discuss lessons learned, best practices, and the impact of the Inclusive Capital Collective’s educational and financial products including our inaugural regranting facility and one-of-a-kind Black Paper series. The Black Papers are a series of briefings written by and for practitioners that illuminate the systemic barriers in financial markets, focusing on specific areas and segments that are ripe for interventions by investors interested in deploying their resources for social justice. Black Paper #1 focused on Shifting Power and Capital in Real Estate Finance. Black Paper #2 takes a look at the unique possibilities to spark wealth-building with entrepreneurs and communities of color in the manufacturing sector. (Both Black Papers are available in the Documents section for this Session)

  • Vanessa Roanhorse, LLC, CEO, Portfolio Lead at Roanhorse Consulting
  • Deldelp Medina
  • Audra Ladd
  • Stephanie Swepson Twitty, President and CEO at Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation
  • Avery Ebron, The Guild
  • Najaah Yasmine Daniels (Moderator) 
Day 2:
The Marginalized Claiming Economic Power

A revolution is underway. Innovative financial platforms are enabling marginalized communities to claim economic power they have not had before. This is not a gift from a benevolent foundation. These platforms are created by people of color and are working and ready for replication. The Community Equity Fund helps Black and brown sole proprietors become job creators, Chicago Trend preserves Black Wall Streets from displacement by predatory hedge funds and the Neighborhood Vitality Index is reversing redlining one block at a time.

  • Kevin Doyle Jones, GatherLab
  • Lyneir Richardson, Chicago TREND
  • Stephanie Swepson Twitty, President and CEO at Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation
  •  Sidney Williams, Chief Executive Officer at Crossing Capital Group 
Day 2:
Creative Collaborations Between Impact Organizations

Partnerships and creative collaboration play an important role in many industries but can be especially critical within the social impact sector. This panel will cover the theory and real-world examples of creative and impactful collaborations and partnerships, especially between for-profit and non-profit impact-focused organizations. The panel will explore how these collaborations can support gainful employment, access to capital and fundraising, leadership and talent development, public policy, and other related topics. The panel will feature a mix of social ventures, nonprofit leaders, consultants, and community leaders who have current experience navigating creative collaborations and partnerships to increase social impact within the organization that they lead and support.

  • Peter Lupoff, CEO aNet Impact
  • Randal Wyatt, Executive Director/Founder at Taking Ownership PDX LLC
  • Luni Libes, Chairman at Realize Impact
  • Sulaiman Rahman
  • Y. Elaine Rasmussen, ConnectUP! Institute/Social Impact Strategies Group
  • Justin Belleme (Moderator), Founder & Director of Strategy at JB Media Group 
Day 3:
Opening Keynote

11:30 - 12:00 - Welcome + Q & A
12:00 - 12:30 - Opening Keynote: Tynesia Boyea-Robinson from CapEQ & Lauren Paul from Common Future

Day 3:
Business for Good: Speaking Up For Systems Change

We are facing a window of opportunity to advance systemic change that can help create a more equitable economy that benefits all people and the planet. Traditional business groups have long had the only voice that matters to policymakers. Recently, governments around the world are looking to sustainable businesses as a demonstration of what a better future can look like. These businesses are providing a source of innovative business models and ideas, and are vital supporters of policy and regulatory change. Join B Lab, B Corps, and local business groups to hear about how they’re leaning into this moment and using their voice to transform laws and regulations for the better.

  • Jorge Fontanez (Moderator), B Lab U.S. and Canada
  • Lauren Paul, Director of Partnerships and Policy at Common Future
  • Kate Ogden, Advocacy and Movement Building Manager at Seventh Generation
  • Raj Aggarwal, President & Lead Strategist at Provoc 
Day 3:
Modeling, Validating, and Valuing Your Impact

The best approaches to impact measurement propel an organization forward, providing actionable data for internal and external stakeholders to improve and scale what is working. However, too often the practice of impact measurement is still a backwards looking marketing effort that doesn't influence decision making. This session will highlight approaches and examples of impact management that have concrete business value, generate new insights, and drive impact performance.

  • Lindsay Smalling (Moderator), Head of US Sales at 60 Decibels
  • Catherine Griffin (Moderator), ImpactableX Analytics, LLC
  • Irum AftabPayActiv 
Day 3:
Regeneration: A Principle-Based Approach to Investment

Join us for an engaging and insightful conversation about how regeneration could provide an alternative to the existing investment model. We’ll explore how living systems principles can inspire a shift in design with investors, businesses, and community-based initiatives working to reimagine finance and investment in principle and in practice.

Resources Shared
  • Tre' Cates (Moderator) Managing Director at nRhythm
  • John Fullerton, Founder and President at Capital Institute
  • Laura Ortiz Montemayor, Founder and CEO at SVX Mexico
  • Clint Murchison, Dogwood Capital
  • Rolf Pretorius, Olive Leaf Foundation
  • Ayanda Mrwebi, Olive Leaf Foundation
  • Miah Shull Olmsted, Executive Director at The Impact Arts Society
  • Alexandra Groome Klement (Moderator), Operations Manager at nRhythm 
Day 3:
Using Disruption for Good?

Disruption has become a loaded and complex concept within the social entrepreneurial world. Disruptive businesses are often characterized by the high growth and winner takes all mindset where a few key team members and the early investors can make a lot of money, however, there are well documented negative impacts from rapid growth, power, and ownership hoarding, and the drive to please investors and public markets outweighing the drive to keep the focus on the original mission and what most benefits all stakeholders. In this panel we will hear from two disruptive organizations: Wefunder and Solo Funds who are both working to disrupt different aspects of the financial industry about the opportunities and challenges of leading disruptive businesses within the social impact sector.

  • Jonny PriceDirector of Fundraising at Wefunder
  • Travis HolowayChief Executive Officer at SoLo Funds 
  • Justin Belleme (Moderator), Founder, Director of Strategy at JB Media Group

Past Conversations

Resetting Leadership: How Business and Community Leaders are Working Together to Unlock Solutions to Our Most Pressing Challenges
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Thursday, May 5, 2022
2-3pm ET / 11-12pm PT

Business has a critical role and moral obligation in meeting the social, economic, and environmental challenges we face. While there is more expectation than ever on business leaders to address societal issues, especially those challenges it helped create, business alone does not have all the answers.

Many solutions may in fact already exist – among the communities and individuals that experience the consequences of these issues most acutely. Yet such communities are often overlooked as a source of ideas and partnership for change, including those most affected by systemic discrimination and racism.

This session presents the recent stories of how business leaders – partnering with the communities and individuals – have shown it's possible to unlock solutions. This approach to engagement is not limited to social enterprises or a single set of challenges. In the cases featured, the work across communities has centered on racial equity and economic justice, as part of longer term efforts toward economic system change.

In this discussion, you’ll hear from companies, community members, and change agents collaborating to transform leadership and the rules that shape leadership behavior to meet the challenges of the 21st century and create a new norm of shared well-being on a healthy planet.

This session is brought together as part of the RESET Leadership initiative by:

  • Matthew Phifer, Vice President, Education & Employment Services at Henry Street Settlement
  • Julie Anding, VP, Inclusive Stakeholder Management at Harley Davidson
  • Hugues Sygney Jr.  Senior Racial Equity Program Manager at B Lab
  • Akira Nakahara, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Imperative 21
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Equitable Ecosystems in Action
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Thursday, April 21, 2022
2-3pm ET / 11-12pm PT

The playing field is not level. The COVID pandemic and murder of George Floyd have shed light on the challenges experienced by historically marginalized groups. While we are making some progress, it is not nearly enough.

Black, indigenous, immigrant, refugee, and low-income communities and formerly incarcerated people struggle to overcome hurdles, not because of their abilities but due to structures in their way created through a history of systemic injustice. 
This session highlights equitable ecosystem builders in the trenches leveling the playing field. As our SHIFT conversations continue to explore the theoretical, potential, and real-world examples of urgent global issues, we uncover barriers we may not be aware of and work towards more access, opportunities, and equity for our communities.

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14 Shifts Every Majority-white Company Must Face to Foster Just and Inclusive Work Cultures
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Thursday, April 7, 2022
2-3pm ET / 11-12pm PT

Is your company continuing the work and self-reflection that so many of us were called to in the wake of the social unrest after the George Floyd murder? Are the pull of business as usual and the urgency of running and growing your business making it hard to follow up on the early efforts and promises of the last two years? 

In this session, we will explore actionable steps organizations and their leaders can take to address specific and critical issues internally to pave the path toward a more inclusive and actively anti-racist business culture. Cultural norms that many white people see as normal or "business as usual" reinforce systems of injustice in our society. We will discuss our understanding of these characteristics of a white-dominant culture and examine the unseen patterns, systems, and behaviors that show up both at work and in our personal lives. We will explore both the theoretical perspective and the changes that can come from taking action to shift ourselves and our organizational cultures.

Lynn Johnson

Since the end of the last century, Lynn has worked at the intersection of social impact, entrepreneurship, and arts + media. She has founded and successfully led several social ventures dedicated to storytelling through the lens of gender and racial justice; including Spotlight: Girls and Oakland Freedom Theater— a first-of-its kind ensemble of actors, musicians and expert facilitators utilizing art and empathy to dismantle systems of oppression.

Lynn is a highly sought-after speaker and leader in the certified B Corp community and has appeared on the stages of SOCAP, Social Venture Circle, SVI Women, Lean StartUp Week, and Wisdom 2.0. Her work has been recognized and supported by SheEO, the Force for Good Fund, and Ashoka Changemakers. Lynn was the 2017 winner of The Pitch competition presented by SheKnows Media at the BlogHer conference in Orlando, FL.

As Founder and CEO of Hella Social Impact, Lynn is focused on helping businesses show up for racial justice authentically and impactfully. She believes her main job is to help today’s leaders access the courage and imagination needed to reshape our economy for the good of all people.

Based in Oakland, CA since 2006, Lynn and her wife currently reside in Albuquerque, NM where their tween, neurodivergent daughter is receiving residential care. When not working, Lynn enjoys living room karaoke, mixing up new cocktail recipes, and walking along the Rio Grande.

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Herna Cruz-Louie

Herna (pronounced “Er-Na”) Cruz-Louie is the Chief Organization & People Officer at the Girl Scouts of Northern California and oversees Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness, Marketing & Communications, Member Success & Retail, and leads the organization’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) strategy and initiatives. She is also the volunteer Director of the American Center of Philippine Arts in Oakland. Herna has 15+ years of experience working as a nonprofit administrator, community organizer, and youth development practitioner as well as 10+ years of HR Management. She earned her BA in Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University and completed her MS in HR Management from Golden Gate University. She is a certified community mediator as well as holds a certificate in Diversity & Inclusion from Cornell University. Herna was awarded one of Filipina Women’s Network’s 100 most influential Filipinas in 2011, and currently serves as the Board of Directors Chair at World Arts West (the presenter of the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival) and Board Secretary of Kulintang Arts, Inc. (the premiere presenter of tribal and contemporary Pilipino arts). Herna is a Girl Scout troop co-leader and proudly raising her 2 daughters with her spouse in Oakland, CA.

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Angela Akinyemi

Angela Akinyemi shares leadership of diversity, equity, and belonging initiatives at Akimbo, an organization dedicated to building a world where learning is a human right. At Akimbo, Angela takes an intentional and collaborative approach to the company’s long-term commitment to dismantling systems of oppression. This includes working with leadership and culture-shapers within the organization to ensure that the company’s operations are aligned with our values and goals. In addition to her organizational work, Angela supports healing and empowerment for people with historically marginalized identities in her role as a therapist. Her work across domains highlights the importance of the systems and structures that shape us and utilizes the power of interpersonal engagement as a force for change. Angela’s work also draws on her experiences in the finance industry and in the nonprofit world as one of few employees of color. Angela is queer, Black-biracial, and first-generation American. She is a practitioner of yoga, an avid traveler, and a believer in joy as liberation.

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Justin Belleme

As Director of Strategy, Justin oversees the strategic direction for projects in content marketing, SEO, digital advertising, social media, event marketing, email, and public relations. Clients past and present include the Eastern Band of The Cherokee Indians, Hyland’s Homeopathic, Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, Conscious Company Media, and the Social Capital Markets conference.

Justin brings a strong technical background to the team. He earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. He continues to study developments and trends in digital marketing and adapts swiftly to change in technology and the industry. Justin is also the co-founder and a lead instructor for the JB Media Institute, our comprehensive Internet marketing training program. He is committed to sharing his knowledge and helping organizations make informed decisions on their online marketing campaigns.

Justin was honored as the Entrepreneur of the Year by the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce in 2014 and was inducted into Asheville’s 40 Under Forty in 2012. He is a 2016 graduate of the Hive Global Leaders program and a 2017 graduate of the StartingBloc Institute social entrepreneurship fellowship.

He loves the Asheville area and is happy to give back through his work as an alumni volunteer with Leadership Asheville and Leadership North Carolina, and as a board member with the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce and Veterans Healing Farm. He is a former board member of NC Stage Company. Beyond all things internet marketing, Justin enjoys exploring nature, playing sports, and cooking delicious meals for family and friends.

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The Power of Community Ownership & Investing
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Thursday, March 24, 2022
2-3pm ET / 11-12pm PT

New technologies coupled with recent changes to century-old investing regulations have opened up new pathways for anyone to be an impact investor and for entrepreneurs to leverage their online communities, networks, customer base, and social influence to raise capital. This panel will explore both the theoretical potential and real-world examples of how Equity Crowdfunding is starting to break down barriers and democratize access to both direct investing and impact capital for anyone looking to become an investor or raise money. More specifically, we will explore how these fundraising techniques and their corresponding investment opportunities can serve BIPOC business owners who have historically encountered barriers to accessing seed capital, business banking, and venture/private equity funding.

Cheree Warrick
Cheree Warrick is co-founder of The 10K Project – the largest community of investors who actively fund Black-owned businesses. As a business plan writer, Cheree has helped her clients raise millions of dollars. Her Black clients, unfortunately, were unable to raise money as easily as other communities. So she decided to do something about it by launching a community of individuals who invest as little as $100 into Black-owned businesses.
Cheree is not only a full-time business plan writer but also author of the book – Creating Business Plans that Actually Get Financed - which helps business owners understand exactly what investors want to know before making a commitment. The book and her strategies are praised by numerous angel investors and commercial bankers including Barbara Corcoran of the hit TV show Shark Tank and Valerie Gaydos – founder of the Angel Venture Forum of D.C.
Cheree holds a Bachelors degree in International Business from American University and a Masters degree in Finance from George Washington University.

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Nathan Schneider
Nathan Schneider is an assistant professor of media studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he leads the Media Enterprise Design Lab and the MA program in Media and Public EngagementHe is the author of Everything for Everyone: The Radical Tradition that is Shaping the Next Economy, published by Nation Books, and two previous books, God in Proof: The Story of a Search from the Ancients to the Internet and Thank You, Anarchy: Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse, both published by University of California Press.

Recent scholarship has been published in New Media & Society, Feminist Media Studies, the Georgetown Law Technology Review, and Media, Culture & Society, among other journals. He has also reported for publications including Harper's, The Nation, The New Republic, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and others, along with regular columns for America, a national Catholic magazine. He has lectured at universities including Columbia, Fordham, Harvard, MIT, NYU, the University of Bologna, and Yale. In 2015, he co-organized “Platform Cooperativism,” a pioneering conference on democratic online platforms at The New School, and co-edited the subsequent book, Ours to Hack and to Own: The Rise of Platform Cooperativism, a New Vision for the Future of Work and Fairer Internet.

Follow his work on social media at @ntnsndr or at his website.

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Chef GW Chew
GW Chew, aka Chef Chew, is the Founder & CEO of Something Better Foods Inc. and has been a vegan food inventor/restaurateur for over 15 years. Adopted at birth into a family with the last name “Chew,” Chef Chew believes that he was born with a mission and purpose to change lives for the better, one chew at a time.

Chef Chew grew up in the “country” amongst a family of very heavy meat eaters and noticed over time that a lot of different diseases, from diabetes to cancer, plagued the members of his family. He later discovered that many of those same diseases have been linked to poor diet and overconsumption of animal products.

Inspired to begin living a healthy lifestyle, Chef Chew switched to a plant-based diet in 2001 and started experimenting with creating vegan food products in 2004. He painstakingly invented the Better Chew proteins in his mom’s kitchen and has perfected the textures and taste over the past 15 years.

As part of his mission to democratize the access of healthy food, Chef Chew most recently created the Better Chew Box to deliver healthy and affordable plant-based protein solutions directly to local communities!
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Hella & Empathable: Building an Empathetic and Inclusive Organizational Culture


Thursday, January 20, 2022
2-3:30pm ET / 11-12:30pm PT

For the first 30 minutes of this 90-minute workshop, the Hella Social Impact team will lead a session on Inclusive Introductions as a means to building safety and trust in the workplace. Participants will learn why and how allowing folx to show up to work with all their identities leads to building real, human connections. These connections are the cornerstone to ensuring the lived experiences, particularly of Black, Indigenous, and non-Black people of color, are seen and believed. Inclusion is intersectional, and centering the most marginalized identities leads to safe and trusted workplaces for all.

The second 30 minutes will feature an immersive preview into an award-winning program that builds mindsets of inclusion and belonging through experiential learning. This experience, made by the researchers studying empathy and DEI at Playground of Empathy, is called Empathable. Participants will have the opportunity to walk in the shoes of a marginalized POC and LGBTQ+ individual, gaining perspectives that are hard to learn through a typical DEI training. The Playground for Empathy team will then explain how such scalable experiences can quantifiably advance your inclusion and belonging efforts within your organizations and showcase how these efforts can improve retention and provide other measurable positive outcomes in the workplace.

The final 30 minutes will offer networking and small group breakout experiences designed by the Hella Social Impact and Playground for Empathy teams to complement their workshop content from the first hour of the event. 

How Can We Efficiently Mobilize Impact Capital for Climate Action and Climate Justice?
Thursday, Sept. 30
2-3pm ET / 11-12pm PT

With floods, wildfires, and extreme weather events on the rise we know that the climate crisis is here and the time for action is now. Entrepreneurs are scaling solutions and impact investors are mobilizing capital. Many of us in the impact space wonder if we should address the climate emergency by focusing on resilience and adaptation or on preventing additional warming. Both of these critically important approaches need to be funded, but what's working? What's not working? How can we make the greatest impact in the least amount of time?

In this Shift Conversation we're going to look at some of the most impactful ways that investors are allocating capital to build resiliency and adapt to solve the challenges we face from our changing climate today while also directing capital towards the prevention of additional warming tomorrow.

Nicole Davis, a Partner and Senior Wealth Manager at Veris Wealth Partners, will lead this conversation with a variety of actors in the impact space to uncover some of the most promising approaches to stop warming, reduce CO2, and bring about a just and equitable transformation of our global economy so we can transition away from fossil fuels while building resilience in the frontline communities that are already facing the worst impacts of climate change.

Veris Wealth Partners is a wealth management firm with a 100% focus on impact investing. Addressing climate change has been one of the firm’s core investment themes since inception. 

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Nicole Davis - Partner and Senior Wealth Manager, Veris Wealth Partners
  • Alex Amouyel - Executive Director, MIT Solve
  • Christian Okoye -  Partner, Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP)
  • Geoff Eisenberg - Partner, Ecosystem Integrity Fund
  • Melissa Weigel - Senior Director of Investment, NatureVest
How to Elevate Humanity Networking Event

This will be a unique opportunity to navigate profound questions, and enable each other to elevate our lives and our impact on the world, all while connecting with like-minded impact sector practitioners from over 100 aligned organizations.

This event will be co-hosted by Ivy and Shift.

A Fireside Chat
Transcript Coming Soon

Edward Dugger III is an early pioneer in impact investing who has over 30 years of deep business development and venture capital experience. As the founding partner and President of Reinventure Capital, Ed uses his expertise to solve the challenges caused by persistent racial, social and economic inequities in the United States. His firm's approach is to target the vast, untapped reservoir of innovative, entrepreneurial talent, comprised of those of color and women consistently overlooked by the mainstream investment community.

For his Shift Conversations sessions, Ed will lead a fireside chat with software engineer and entrepreneur Dexter Turner, the Co-Founder and CEO of OpConnect - a payment processing and energy management platform for Electric Vehicle charging. Turner's company's vision is to make the Electric Vehicle driving experience better by providing a mobile app that reserves a charging station, takes payment, and predicts charging time.

What Will It Take to Build a Truly Inclusive Economy?

The U.S. and global economy does not work for everyone. It was never meant to. We know the failings: climate change, racial injustice, gender inequities, extremes of poverty and food insecurity, and more. The innovation and scalability at the heart of capitalism should serve as a wellspring of solutions to these challenges. Some companies, like B Corps, use their business as a force for good can and are actively reducing inequality, lowering levels of poverty, building a healthier environment, strengthening communities, and creating high quality jobs with dignity and purpose. But B Corps are still the exception. 

There are billions of impact investment dollars - and millions of Black, Indigenous, People Of Color and women-led ventures and entrepreneurs with highly fundABLE business ideas  - and yet very little of the available investment capital makes it to them. Why? What can we do to close the gap?

This session features social impact leaders:

exploring what we can do as business leaders, entrepreneurs, systems change agents, and investors to make sure our capital flows and societal structures are lining up to support the kinds of communities and businesses that will lead us to the just, equitable, and regenerative future our children deserve.

To reflect on the present state of the social impact movement and global efforts to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and to chart the future of impact, Laurie Lane-Zucker of Impact Entrepreneur led a Shift Conversation with four of the most significant actors in the impact space: 

Shift Conversations
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