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Receive Highlights and Video Recordings from 10 Shift 2021 Conversations 

Sign up for the Shift Bundle for Social Change and receive a free PDF featuring key takeaways from impact leaders who spoke at Shift 2021 and video recording links for 10 sessions from our 2021 event series.

Shift 2021 was the first in a series of events dedicated to shifting our businesses and our economy towards a more equitable, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible future.

This collection offers an overview of where the impact movement is today along with a look at what an equitable, regenerative future might look like. We hope you find these conversations as inspiring and informative as we did.

By downloading this collection you will also be added to the list to receive invites to future free sessions and our next multi-day event in 2022.

Shift Conversations
A series of free webinars with leaders in the impact space.
Shift 2022

A virtual conference May 18 -20, 2022. Learn, engage and connect.

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