Shift 2021
Announcing the Themes of Shift 2022
The Shift event series was created in 2021 to be a digital gathering that amplifies the voices of change agents leading efforts to solve our most pressing social and environmental challenges. We brought together an amazing coalition of impact leaders and asked them to lead conversations focused on the ideas and actions they found most inspiring and crucial to drive change at the personal, practical, and systemic levels.

For Shift 2022 we want to build on the conversations we had last year and continue to hone in on specific ways we can respond to the needs of this moment in time. Content presented at Shift 2022 will focus on:  

Leadership and Professional Development
Personal development, leadership, and company culture
Supporting Social Ventures and Organizations
Access to capital/funding, collaboration and partnerships, team building, and ethical marketing
Supporting the Social Impact Ecosystem
Impact measurement and management, equitable entrepreneurial communities, and growing the impact ecosystem
Themes of Shift 2022
Racial and Economic Justice
This theme will again be a major focus of Shift. CapEQ, 1863 Ventures, and The 10K Project are three of the organizations that will be hosting or participating in sessions focused on racial and economic justice at Shift 2022.
Conscious Leadership
Conscious Capitalism and other partners will produce sessions on leadership within the social impact ecosystem and conscious business movement. Imperative 21 will also host a session focused on their RESET Leadership initiative.
Regenerative Business Models and Investing
Building on last year's opening session from B Lab, we will have two sessions this year from nRhythm and Buckminster Fuller Institute on the topic of regenerative business models and investing in regenerative businesses.
Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
The Kauffman Foundation and other organizations will be collaborating to produce sessions on building and supporting equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems. Watch the Shift 2021 keynote from Forward Cities’ CEO Fay Horwitt on this topic.
For-Profit / Nonprofit Collaboration
Sessions are being curated around creative ways organizations are leveraging fiscal sponsorships, collaborations and partnerships, and catalytic capital to grow their social ventures and impact organizations. 
Community Ownership
Sessions will also cover equity crowdfunding with a focus on existing initiatives within the social impact sector that are opening new options for expanding access to early-stage capital and new channels for founders to sell their business to their own stakeholders, as well as democratizing direct investment opportunities for non-accredited investors.
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