Shift Conversations: A Series of Free Live-streamed Impact Events
Shift Conversations
Shift Conversations is a series of free live-streamed events. These panels, small group conversations, and workshops will feature cross-sector leaders having intimate, insightful conversations about the present and future of the social impact movement. Join us to learn from the wisdom and lived experience of some of the most highly respected thinkers and actors in the social and environmental impact ecosystem.
Hella & Empathable: Building an Empathetic and Inclusive Organizational Culture
Thursday, January 20, 2022
2-3:30pm ET / 11-12:30pm PT

For the first 30 minutes of this 90-minute workshop, the Hella Social Impact team will lead a session on Inclusive Introductions as a means to building safety and trust in the workplace. Participants will learn why and how allowing folx to show up to work with all their identities leads to building real, human connections. These connections are the cornerstone to ensuring the lived experiences, particularly of Black, Indigenous, and non-Black people of color, are seen and believed. Inclusion is intersectional, and centering the most marginalized identities leads to safe and trusted workplaces for all.

The second 30 minutes will feature an immersive preview into an award-winning program that builds mindsets of inclusion and belonging through experiential learning. This experience, made by the researchers studying empathy and DEI at Playground of Empathy, is called Empathable. Participants will have the opportunity to walk in the shoes of a marginalized POC and LGBTQ+ individual, gaining perspectives that are hard to learn through a typical DEI training. The Playground for Empathy team will then explain how such scalable experiences can quantifiably advance your inclusion and belonging efforts within your organizations and showcase how these efforts can improve retention and provide other measurable positive outcomes in the workplace.

The final 30 minutes will offer networking and small group breakout experiences designed by the Hella Social Impact and Playground for Empathy teams to complement their workshop content from the first hour of the event. 

Past Conversations

How Can We Efficiently Mobilize Impact Capital for Climate Action and Climate Justice?
Thursday, Sept. 30
2-3pm ET / 11-12pm PT

With floods, wildfires, and extreme weather events on the rise we know that the climate crisis is here and the time for action is now. Entrepreneurs are scaling solutions and impact investors are mobilizing capital. Many of us in the impact space wonder if we should address the climate emergency by focusing on resilience and adaptation or on preventing additional warming. Both of these critically important approaches need to be funded, but what's working? What's not working? How can we make the greatest impact in the least amount of time?

In this Shift Conversation we're going to look at some of the most impactful ways that investors are allocating capital to build resiliency and adapt to solve the challenges we face from our changing climate today while also directing capital towards the prevention of additional warming tomorrow.

Nicole Davis, a Partner and Senior Wealth Manager at Veris Wealth Partners, will lead this conversation with a variety of actors in the impact space to uncover some of the most promising approaches to stop warming, reduce CO2, and bring about a just and equitable transformation of our global economy so we can transition away from fossil fuels while building resilience in the frontline communities that are already facing the worst impacts of climate change.

Veris Wealth Partners is a wealth management firm with a 100% focus on impact investing. Addressing climate change has been one of the firm’s core investment themes since inception. 

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Nicole Davis - Partner and Senior Wealth Manager, Veris Wealth Partners
  • Alex Amouyel - Executive Director, MIT Solve
  • Christian Okoye -  Partner, Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP)
  • Geoff Eisenberg - Partner, Ecosystem Integrity Fund
  • Melissa Weigel - Senior Director of Investment, NatureVest
How to Elevate Humanity Networking Event

This will be a unique opportunity to navigate profound questions, and enable each other to elevate our lives and our impact on the world, all while connecting with like-minded impact sector practitioners from over 100 aligned organizations.

This event will be co-hosted by Ivy and Shift.

A Fireside Chat
Transcript Coming Soon

Edward Dugger III is an early pioneer in impact investing who has over 30 years of deep business development and venture capital experience. As the founding partner and President of Reinventure Capital, Ed uses his expertise to solve the challenges caused by persistent racial, social and economic inequities in the United States. His firm's approach is to target the vast, untapped reservoir of innovative, entrepreneurial talent, comprised of those of color and women consistently overlooked by the mainstream investment community.

For his Shift Conversations sessions, Ed will lead a fireside chat with software engineer and entrepreneur Dexter Turner, the Co-Founder and CEO of OpConnect - a payment processing and energy management platform for Electric Vehicle charging. Turner's company's vision is to make the Electric Vehicle driving experience better by providing a mobile app that reserves a charging station, takes payment, and predicts charging time.

What Will It Take to Build a Truly Inclusive Economy?

The U.S. and global economy does not work for everyone. It was never meant to. We know the failings: climate change, racial injustice, gender inequities, extremes of poverty and food insecurity, and more. The innovation and scalability at the heart of capitalism should serve as a wellspring of solutions to these challenges. Some companies, like B Corps, use their business as a force for good can and are actively reducing inequality, lowering levels of poverty, building a healthier environment, strengthening communities, and creating high quality jobs with dignity and purpose. But B Corps are still the exception. 

There are billions of impact investment dollars - and millions of Black, Indigenous, People Of Color and women-led ventures and entrepreneurs with highly fundABLE business ideas  - and yet very little of the available investment capital makes it to them. Why? What can we do to close the gap?

This session features social impact leaders:

exploring what we can do as business leaders, entrepreneurs, systems change agents, and investors to make sure our capital flows and societal structures are lining up to support the kinds of communities and businesses that will lead us to the just, equitable, and regenerative future our children deserve.
The Future of Impact

To reflect on the present state of the social impact movement and global efforts to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and to chart the future of impact, Laurie Lane-Zucker of Impact Entrepreneur led a Shift Conversation with four of the most significant actors in the impact space: 

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