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MAY 18 - 20, 2022
Join us for Shift 2022 – a collaborative digital impact event produced by some of the most passionate leaders in the positive impact space rallying to make business a force for change.

At Shift 2022 we want to build on the conversations we started last year and continue to hone in on specific ways we can respond to the needs of this moment in time.
Announcing the Themes of Shift 2022...
Leadership and Professional Development
Personal development, leadership, and company culture
Supporting Social Ventures and Organizations
Access to capital/funding, collaboration and partnerships, team building, and ethical marketing
Supporting the Social Impact Ecosystem
Impact measurement and management, equitable entrepreneurial communities, and growing the impact ecosystem
Racial and Economic Justice
Conscious Leadership
Regenerative Business Models & Investing
Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
For-Profit / Nonprofit Collaboration
Community Ownership
Shift 2022 will feature dynamic speakers, action-oriented workshops, and invaluable networking opportunities for business leaders, social entrepreneurs, and anyone working to support and grow the impact ecosystem.

Shift 2022 Keynotes, Conversations, and Featured Panels
Tynesia Boyea-Robinson
Julie Anding
Hugues Sygney Jr.
Akira Nakahara
Avery Ebron
Najaah Yasmine Daniels
Zebras Unite
Lauren Paul
Raj Aggarwal
Jorge Fontanez
Justin Belleme
More speakers to be announced...

Shift content partners include:

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Shift 2022 Event Agenda and Daily Themes
In the workshops and sessions produced at Shift 2022, attendees will explore ways to:
• Become a more conscious business leader
• Build a human-centered company culture 
• Achieve sustainable growth through responsible practices
• Help solve critical social and environmental challenges
• Apply today’s best practices for how to measure and report impact to investors, partners, and consumers.
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We will start each day with a welcome session at 11:30 am ET / 8:30 am PT followed by the keynote speakers at 12:00 pm ET / 9am PT. Final workshops will end at 4:20 pm ET/ 1:30 pm PT each day.
 DAY 1 
Wednesday 5/18
Leadership and Culture
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Opening Keynote: Lynn Johnson from Hella Social Impact and Jorge Méndez from Seed Spot

Featured Panel: Filling the Leadership Gap in the Impact Economy presented by Impact Entrepreneur

Five Panels, Workshops and Networking Events from Calm Company Fund,, KOKORO, Conscious Capitalism, and Hella Social Impact

 DAY 2 
Thursday 5/19
Supporting Social Ventures
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Opening Keynote: Jessica Norwood from Runway and Randel Wyatt from Taking Ownership PDX

Featured Panel: Shifting Capital to Shift Power: A Panel Discussion with the Members of the Inclusive Capital Collective presented by Zebras Unite

Six Panels and Workshops from Neighborhood Economics, Center for Community Ownership, Village Capital, nRhythm, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Seed Spot and Godzspeed.

 DAY 3 
Friday 5/20
Supporting the Impact Ecosystem
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Opening Keynote: Melissa Bradley from 1863 Ventures and Tynesia Boyea-Robinson from CapEQ

Featured Panel: Business for Good: Speaking Up For Systems Change presented by B Lab

Seven Panels, Workshops, and Networking Events from ImpactableX, 60 Decibels, nRhythm, CapEQ, Impact Finance Center, and SVT Group

2021 Sponsors and Partners
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Shift 2022 is being produced by a collaborative group of impact organizations. The coordinating organization is JB Media Group, a B Corp certified digital agency that supports the growth and increased impact of mission-driven companies, social enterprises, and nonprofits. 

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